St. Petersburg, Florida Travel Guide

Sunning itself on a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and Florida’s Tampa Bay is the city of St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg registered 168 consecutive days of sunshine in the 1960s, setting a world record it still maintains today and earning the nickname the sunshine city. For long, St. Petersburg has been viewed as a destination for retirees dreaming of a warmer tomorrow but recently a younger crew had moved in intending to get their share of sunshine.

Fresh creative energy is today making its mark all over St. Petersburg especially on the city’s walls. St. Petersburg’s downtown has fast become one of the mural hotspots of the world. Join on a guided art walk, download the interactive app, or just keep turning corners and let the artwork take you by surprise.

Soaking up all that color under the Florida sun can be quite a thirsty work but fortunately, there is a place to rehydrate around every corner. Pull up a seat at one of the many watering holes in St. Petersburg and share refreshing ales and conversations with fellow beer lovers.

Once you have had your mind bent by St. Petersburg murals, head inside the Dali Museum to explore the surreal works by one of the greatest mind-benders in the world. Have your mind pores open a bit more at the Hooli Collection by the American Godfather of glass sculptures. Then head over to the Mauryan Arts Center to feel the heat.

St. Petersburg has become something of a Center for glass sculpture as master blowers pushed this centuries-old craft toward New Horizons. Since the 1960s when the artform exploded onto the scene. Experience the newest wave of glass expression from around the globe at the Imagine Museum.

Check out the Museum of Fine Art if you like your art a bit more old school. This museum houses treasures spanning 5,000 years. You can also step from Central Avenue into the sandstone canyon of the James Museum which brings the Old West to the East Coast. A short walk north from St. Petersburg’s downtown is the sunken Gardens, one of Florida’s horticultural jewels. Sawgrass Park is just a 15-minute drive further north. It is where a mile-long boardwalk crosses one of the Gulf Coast largest maple swamps.

You don’t have to travel far when it is time to hit the water. St. Petersburg’s Gulf Coast is paralleled by a 30-mile chain of sandy barrier islands each connected to the mainland by bridges. It is here, just a 10-mile ride from downtown St. Petersburg you will find some of America’s best beaches. Cool off in the waters of St. Petersburg beach whose pure sands are caressed by the same tides as Havana and Cancun.

Head south to Fort DeSoto Park for something quieter. It is a nature sanctuary spread across 5 island keys. Follow St. Petersburg barrier islands north to Clearwater whose kid-friendly vibes and warm shallow waters have long made it a favorite with families. Stop by the Clearwater Aquarium and meet folks dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured marine mammals and reptiles.

Whether it is sharing a beer with the locals or leaving your footsteps on the ever-changing canvas of the sands, St. Petersburg have mastered the art of living and that as we all know is the best part of all.

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Explore Manhattan

New York is often viewed as the center of the universe. It can certainly feel that way when you visit Manhattan. This city has something for everyone, from an incredible and diverse restaurant scene to an amazing variety of art and entertainment, and a plethora of iconic attractions. Some people I know that work for an Edmonton Roofing Company absolutely love to take in everything Manhattan has to offer. Thanks to their frequent visits and some of my own travel experiences, I put together this travel guide that will help you create an ideal itinerary for your next visit to Manhattan, New York.

Empire State Building
Our first sight is the observatory at the top of the Empire State Building. On a bad day, the line to the observatory can be up to three hours long but if you are lucky, you will have to wait for about 45 minutes before getting into the elevator. The observatory is on the 86th floor. The view from the top of the Empire State Building is quite amazing. Looking out to the south, you can see lower Manhattan and then the Statue of Liberty and then looking to the north you can see upper pan and to the left is the Times Square. From up here, you can even see the New Year’s ball.

Rockefeller Center
For an even better view and for a view of the Empire State Building itself check out the top of the Rockefeller observatory at the top of the Rockefeller Center. The best thing about the top of the Rockefeller observatory is that there are no lines and their elevator is way cooler. Once you’re on the 67th floor, there is an even more magnificent view. Looking north here you see Central Park, the Upper West Side, and the Upper East Side. Looking to the south, you can see midtown Manhattan. Over on the right is Times Square and yes you can see the New Year’s ball from here as well.

Times Square
Times Square is at the middle of Manhattan and the middle of New York neon central. There is actually a city ordinance that requires all buildings around Times Square to have neon on their front. It is famous across the world for the ball that drops at the end of every year to ring in the New Year.

New York is America’s home to pizza and the first pizzeria in New York is at Lombardi’s. Lombardi’s opened in 1905 as New York City’s first licensed pizzeria and has been serving pizzas ever since in their tiny cramped quarters. The pepperoni sausage mushroom pizza is quite tasty.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
To get a taste of the city’s best pizza requires a trip out to Brooklyn to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and they must be doing something right because the line goes all the way down the block. Another quintessential New York food is the pastrami sandwich, and the best is at Katz’s Delicatessen known as the best for pastrami since 1888. So what makes Katz’s pastrami the best? Well, pastrami experts say that Katz’s is the only deli in New York that still cuts their pastrami by hand. It is not cheap; it cost about $15 for one of the little pastrami sandwiches but the pickles are free.

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Traveling to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is one of those cities that are more than just mortar and bricks, it is a city built on ideas and a belief that the human experience can be greater than what it is today. Graced with more than 4,000 heritage-listed buildings, the capital of Scotland is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Edinburgh is studded with spectacular gardens and lofty crags and throughout the year hosts festivals and parties like no other. Here are the top must-see attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Arthur’s Seat
To see this city in all its glory, ride, walk, or climb to the highest peak in the city – Arthur’s Seat. According to some historians, this peak was the site of King Arthur’s Camelot castle. Nearby is the Edinburgh Castle which is a symbol of Scotland. For many years, this castle has been invaded about twenty-six times as opposing countries, kings, and clans, battled with cannon and broadsword. Yet it still stands as a testimony to the Scots indomitable spirit.

Thistle Chapel
For centuries, Edinburgh has been the jewel in the crown of royals and chieftains but it is also a city where old-world chivalry still continues. Thistle Chapel honors the 16 living Ladies and Knights of the oldest order in Scotland.

Princes Street Gardens
It is not only the chivalrous and the brave that are celebrated in this city; Edinburgh has given the world some of its best-loved stories and writers. You will find the world’s largest monument dedicated to a writer in Princes Street Gardens. Sir Walter Scott penned epics such as Rob Roy and Ivanhoe. Learn more about Walter Scott and other cherished literary adventurers like Robert Louis Stevenson and Robert Burns at the Writers Museum.

The University of Edinburgh
Apart from literature and history, knowledge is perhaps the greatest gift Edinburgh has given to humankind. For many centuries, the University of Edinburgh has given us many intellectual giants including Alexander Bell, David Hume, and Charles Darwin.

The Royal Botanic Gardens
Beauty and knowledge go hand in hand in this garden. It was established in 1670 and it is one of the oldest and most important botanical science centers in the world. Yet it is a place where even the most harried heart can swoon and slow down.

At every turn in this city, beauty is honored. Whether it is the Georgian House elegant interiors, the Scottish National Gallery priceless treasures, or the flower boxes that adorn most of the city’s pubs.

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What to See and Eat when in Chile

Chile is considered to be the world’s longest country and is bordered by the Andes mountain range on the east and the South Pacific Ocean on the west. This country in Latin America offers travelers a lot of choices for activities and scenery. There are many amazing attractions, foods and drinks to enjoy while you’re in Chile. Whether you want to indulge in some local food or enjoy a nice glass of red wine, there is something for everyone. Friends of mine recently visited and indulged in everything Chile has to offer. Here are some of their top things to see and eat in Chile.

Atacama Desert and Mano del Desierto
West of the Andes mountains lies one of the driest places on earth, the Atacama Desert. It receives less than 1mm of rainfall in a year and there are areas in the desert that never receives any rain. But in the midst of this dry and barren land, there is a giant structure that stood quite outlandish on the sand, this is the Mano del Desierto, an 11-meter giant hand reaching up towards the sky. An instagramable place for the adventurous travelers.

Isla Magdalena
If you want to see penguins, then you must include Isla Magdalena on your list. This is a small island in Magellan Strait that is home to a Magellanic penguin community and would be a haven for bird enthusiasts.

Marble Caves
This noteworthy peninsula of solid marble on General Carrera Lake is much more stunning when viewed inside the many cave holes. The iridescence witnessed on the roof of the Marble Caves is a result of the sunlight reflecting the turquoise waters.

Easter Island
The most remote island on earth is also found in Chile, Easter Island, although considered Polynesian is still officially part of the Chilean Republic. This remote but inhabited island is world-famous for the colossal stone sculptures called Moais. The most massive structure called “El Gigante” is a stunning 72 feet tall. These stone sculptures are famous for a lot of myths, thus intriguing adventurous visitors.

Chilean Fog Beer
After a long day of going to beautiful tourist spots, a nice cold Chilean Fog Beer would surely take most of the weariness away. In an area where water is in scarcity, 2 brothers found a way to make water from the desert fog. They invented a net that traps the abundant fogs called camanchaca to obtain fog water, which in turn is made into the famous Chilean Fog Beer.

Mote con Huesillos
Another must-try food, which is quite common on the streets during summer, is the mote con huesillos. This fruity dessert is made up of huesillos or peaches, mote or wheat kernels and thick syrup, quite an unusual combination but surely a crowd favorite.

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Why You Should Visit Any European Country As Soon As Possible

We would like to start this off by asking you one simple question, okay? Are you one of those people who love to travel the world as often as they possibly can? You probably are, because you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now if you weren’t, right? With this in mind, it is pretty much safe to say that you speak English pretty well, don’t you? Well, we actually have some great news that we would like to share with you right now! First of all, you probably already know that English is one of the most popular, as well as one of the most useful languages in the world, which basically means that it is spoken in almost every single corner of our planet, and Europe is not an exception here. What this means is that English is spoken in just about every single European country that there is, which should be great news for you if you are planning on visiting Europe in the near future. Now, don’t get us wrong, but even though Europe is generally an English-speaking zone, it has its own set of very patriotic countries as well.

But there is absolutely no reason for you to be worried though, because even the most patriotic of countries in Europe will be more than happy to greet you in English. However, it would be very nice if you would actually try to learn how to greet people in their native language, even if you are actually a native English speaker. When you greet people in their native language, you actually show them how much you respect both them and their country. Now that we got that out of the way, here are three reasons why you should pay Europe a visit as soon as possible!

United States of Europe

Did you know that Europe is very similar to America these days? Well, at least it is similar to America in the terms of borders. One of the things that make Europe such a good place is the fact that it doesn’t have any borders – at least the majority of it doesn’t.

Friendly People

Generally speaking, European people are very friendly. Most of them will be more than happy to welcome you to their country with open arms. Just try to be nice to them, okay? They deserve it!

A Safe Place

Europe is one of the safest continents in the world. And not only that, but it has some really beautiful places. The level of crime in Europe is very low, which means nothing bad should happen to you during your visit.

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What You Need To Know About Having a Business Diner in Japan

Traveling for work is almost always a fun and exciting experience. This is especially true if you are traveling to a foreign country – whether it be because your boss ordered you to do so or because you just want to spend a couple of days there as a tourist. However, traveling to a foreign country for work can also be a very stressful experience, especially if you are unfamiliar with the law and the customs of the country that you are visiting. With that said, if you are planning on having a business dinner in the beautiful country of Japan, you have come to the right place!

Now, we all know that having good manners is very important in any dining situation. However, it is especially important when you are having a business dinner in Japan – the country that is filled with culture, harmony, negotiation, teamwork, and politeness. That being said, if you are planning on visiting Japan for work, here are some business dining tips that you should keep in the back of your mind at all times!

Take a Bow

Have you ever spent a day or two in the beautiful country of Japan? If you have, it is pretty much safe to say that one of the very first things that you have noticed is that the people of Japan tend to greet each other by taking a bow. Keep in mind that there are many different types of bow that people of Japan use, but when it comes to business diners and stuff like that, you should use a formal bow. To pull this off, you just need to bend at your waist with a straight back to a 45 degree angle. As you can see, it’s not that difficult, is it?

Clean Your Plate

The people of Japan are very mindful when it comes to avoiding food waste. They usually eat all the food on their plates, which means that you should do the same. But keep in mind that portions in Japan are much smaller than American portions, which means that you shouldn’t have a problem pulling this off.

Business Cards

Business cards are a must-have in Japan. Make sure that your business card has an English translation, as well as a Japanese one. Also, you should always present your business cards using both of your hands with the Japanese side facing upward.

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